Green Mini Electric Food Chopper
Green Mini Electric Food Chopper surrounded by ingredients that can be chopped and also a cord showing that it is a chargeable device
Pink Mini Electric Food Chopper being pushed on the top by its operator - about to start chopping
Green Mini Electric Food Chopper lying side-ways on a pink surface
Green Mini Electric Food Chopper being held by someone showing its the size of your hand and easily held
A Pink, Blue and Green Mini Electric Food Chopper aligned next to each other. The Green one is on its side
A Pink and a White Mini Electric Food Chopper surrounded by other ingredients and utensils. The pink one has some ingredients inside ready to be chopped
Potatoes, Chillies and chicken systematically displayed within the Mini Electric Food Chopper. Before being chopped and after. From a birds-eye view
Mini Electric Food Chopper height of 12cm, bottom width of 8.8cm and a top width of 6cm.
Mini Electric Food Chopper stating a capacity of 100ml and signifying it is a chargeable device.
Mini Electric Food Chopper stating a capacity of 250ml and signifying it is a chargeable device.

Mini Electric Food Chopper

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Discover the wonders of swift food prep with our Mini Electric Food Chopper. This compact powerhouse simplifies chopping and mincing tasks, making it a game-changer for your culinary adventures. Its user-friendly design and sharp blades ensure efficient and precise results. From herbs to nuts and everything in between, this mini chopper is a versatile must-have for busy cooks and aspiring chefs alike. Embrace convenience without compromising on taste!



Humane Design:

  • Thickened transparent bowl makes it safer to use, the crushing process is clear at a glance. Good details, the Hexagonal block and rubber pad under the bowl prevent slipping. Comes with a replaceable blade, a brush, and a spoon for worry-free use.

High-Performing Food Chopper:

  • This Mini chopper is fitted with a 30W motor designed to drive 3 stainless steel reinforced blades that provide great performance for reliable results. As a compact and lightweight electric garlic chopper, this 8.5oz food chopper is perfect for small jobs, like chopping garlic, ginger, peppers, carrots, vegetables, onions, nuts, and more.

USB Rechargeable:

  • This mini electric chopper is equipped with USB charging, no need to connect with a wall socket again. Only charge for 3 Hours and you can enjoy more than 50 times cordless chopping. Low consumption low noise 30-watt high-performance motor.

Premium Safe Material:

  • This mini electric chopper adopts a BPA-free material that is harmless to your family. Food grade 304 stainless steel blades of the blender are more resistant to rust and corrosion. the blades are ultra-sharp. Please pay attention when assembling or disassembling. All the materials come into contact with food that is free of the chemical.

Easy to Use & Clean:

  • 100ml and 250ml capacity, unique design, portable and compact, Economical and practical; lock the cover and start with one click to quickly shred food. The bowl and the blades can be separated, convenient to wash with a brush.


How to Clean and Store the Mini Electric Food Chopper:

Step 1: Wash Blades and Bowl:

  • Wash the chopper's blades and bowl with warm, soapy water. Use a brush or a soft sponge to remove any food residues or debris.

Step 2: Rinse Thoroughly:

  • Rinse the blades and bowl under clean running water to eliminate any soap residue.

Step 3: Dry Components:

  • Thoroughly dry all the cleaned components with a clean towel or let them air dry completely.

Step 4: Clean the Motor Base:

  • Wipe the motor base of the Mini Electric Food Chopper with a damp cloth to remove any spills or dirt. Ensure it's dry before reassembling.

Step 5: Store Safely:

  • Store the Mini Electric Food Chopper in a dry, clean, and safe spot in your kitchen, away from water or moisture.

By following these steps, you'll maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your Mini Electric Food Chopper, ensuring it remains a reliable and efficient kitchen companion for all your chopping needs.

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