Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner and its charging unit
Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner and its charging unit surrounded by water, fruit and vegetables.
Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner being held in a kitchen next to its charging unit. Wireless inductive charging, can be used 25 times from a fully charged state.
Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner - full dimensional hydroxyl ion purification. 0 consumables, 0 ozone, 0 add

Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner

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Discover a new level of fruit cleanliness with our Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner. This revolutionary device uses ultrasonic technology to effectively eliminate harmful impurities from your favorite fruits. Whether you're at home, work, or traveling, achieve peace of mind with every bite. Simple, safe, and portable, it's a must-have for health-conscious individuals seeking a convenient way to enhance their fruit consumption. Embrace purity and savor nature's goodness with this innovative and portable fruit cleaner!




  • IPX7 host waterproof, no water leakage, safer to use. On the surface of vegetables and fruits, the removal rate of pesticide residues is 90%. Aquatic products and meat: 99.9% sterilization effect


  • Portable and compact, suitable for business trips or camping, outdoor travel, etc. Flexible rotation for easy disassembly and cleaning. Keep food fresh.


  • Vegetable and fruit washing machines are widely used to clean tableware, fruits and vegetables, kitchen utensils, bottles, rice, fish, meat, seafood, food, etc.


How to Clean and Store the Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner:

Step 1: Unplug and Disassemble:

  • Before cleaning, ensure the Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner is unplugged from any power source and disassemble it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2: Prepare Cleaning Solution:

  • Fill a container with a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap.

Step 3: Clean the Interior and Exterior:

  • Dip a soft cloth or sponge into the cleaning solution and gently wipe the interior and exterior surfaces of the Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner. Pay attention to any hard-to-reach areas or crevices.

Step 4: Rinse Thoroughly:

  • After cleaning, rinse the Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner with clean water to remove any soap residue.

Step 5: Dry Completely:

  • Use a clean, dry towel to wipe the device and allow it to air dry completely. Make sure there is no moisture left inside or outside.

Step 6: Store Properly:

  • Once the Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner is completely dry, store it in a safe and dry place. It's recommended to keep it in its original box or a storage bag if provided, to protect it from dust and potential damage.

Step 7: Store in a Cool, Dry Place:

  • Avoid exposing the device to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, and store it in a cool, dry place in your kitchen or pantry.

By following these steps, you'll ensure the proper cleaning and safe storage of your Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner, maintaining its efficiency and longevity for future use.

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Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner and its charging unit

Portable Ultrasonic Fruit Cleaner

Regular price $39.95
Sale price $39.95 Regular price $0.00